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Rightway ready to deliver RYDA updated program in Qld!

Tony Commisso - Wednesday, August 09, 2017


Rightway and Coastwide are the delivery partner of RSE in South East Queensland for many years and continue to enthusiastically support the Youth Road Safety initiative.

Recently the Rightway and Coastwide Instructor team attended training in the new RYDA 3.0 program which sees revitalised content and format. Also new for RYDA 3.0: Students will receive a ‘workbook’ to record responses, tips and actions. The booklet will also contain valuable resources for ongoing learning and discussion back at school and at home.

RYDA 3.0 will support:

  • the key government ‘big five’ road safety issues of speeding, drink/drug driving, fatigue, seatbelts and distractions
  • the established government graduated licensing schemes for novice drivers
  • a broad range of legal, government and community road safety measures
  • the role of teachers as the prime curriculum delivery agents
  • the importance of driving as a social responsibility as well as a right


At RYDA, students will:

  • Identify risks of car travel (to young driver and passenger) including life-long consequences.
  • Identify contributing factors to crashes and understand how these are preventable (crashes aren’t accidents).
  • Identify what a low-risk driver/passenger is and compare to self (in relation to low-risk attributes).
  • Investigate ways to manage and eliminate road risk by developing and rehearsing personal strategies.
  • Prepare steps (safer driver and passenger behaviour change) to lower identified personal risks and be a socially responsible road user.

Howard Dennerstein, Managing Director of Rightway and Coastwide, said after the training that “we are looking forward to delivering the new program to Queensland school communities over 2015. The positive impact RYDA makes to reducing youth crashes should not be understated. It is a program designed after feedback from many stakeholders and input from the Advisory Council which includes Professor Barry Watson of CARRS-Q.”

RSE offers a useful array of resources including:

Teacher Resources

Student Resources 

Parent Resources

Want to check if your school is participating? Check the RYDA program calendar.

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