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Sharing the road with cyclists

Tony Commisso - Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Motorists must stay wider of cyclists by giving a minimum of:
• 1m when passing a cyclist in a 60km/h or less speed zone
• 1.5m where the speed limit is over 60km/h.

If you want to pass 2 cyclists that are riding next to each other, the minimum passing distance applies to the cyclist closest to the right.

To pass a cyclist—as long as it is safe to do so—you are allowed to:
• drive over centre lines (including double unbroken centre lines) on a 2-way road
• straddle or cross a lane line (including a continuous lane line) on a multi-lane road
• drive on a painted island.

If it is not safe to pass a cyclist, you must wait until it is safe to pass.
As a driver, you will get 3 demerit points and a $353 fine if you do not give the minimum distance when you pass a cyclist. If the matter goes to court, a maximum fine of $4,712 can apply.

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