Choose Rightway Driving School as Your Strathpine Driving Instructor

The search for a qualified driving instructor in Strathpine is over. At Rightway Driving School, we will help to mould you or your child into a safe, alert and skilled driver.

Rightway Driving School is one of the biggest driving schools around—not just in Strathpine, but in Queensland as a whole. We didn't achieve that status overnight. On the contrary, Rightway has been teaching teenagers how to drive for more than half a century.

Our years of experience have taught us everything there is to know about proper driving instruction. From the best ways to reach young drivers and make our lessons stick to the most essential skills for drivers to have on the road, our school incorporates all of the best practices of driver's education.

When you hire Rightway Driving School and trust one of our instructors as your Strathpine driving instructor, you can rest easy knowing that we provide a comprehensive course in driving skills. Our courses help drivers respond to threats on the road and counteract them with defensive driving techniques. They teach an understanding of vehicle systems and performance and stress the importance of this knowledge both for vehicle control on long-term maintenance. They even emphasise proper technique for steering, braking, seating position and more, to help students develop good driving habits for life.

Every young driver deserves the best driving instruction possible. At Rightway Driving School, with the helping hand of our driving instructors in Strathpine, your student will get just that. Get in touch with us today to reserve your spot.

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