What You Get with a Rightway Driving School Instructor in South Banks

After years of taking public transportation, biking to work or hitching rides with friends and family, you have decided to learn to drive for yourself at last. You are looking for a driving instructor in South Banks, but you aren't sure what to expect from an instructor, or from driving school in general. What is your first driving lesson going to include? What qualities define a 'qualified' driving instructor? Are you ready?

At Rightway Driving School, it is our goal to answer all of these questions and to give you a comfortable, challenging and engaging place to learn how to drive. The owners of our school handpick each instructor who goes out on the road with students. Each instructor is fully insured and is subject to stringent quality standards, professional development requirements, and ongoing performance reviews.

Just as importantly, each of our driving instructors in South Banks is experienced and skilled enough to work with drivers of widely varying ages, levels of experience and levels of skill. At your first driving lesson, your instructor will work with you to identify your goals for driver's training, as well as your areas of strength and weakness. Going forward, your instructor will tailor his or her teaching style to suit your needs and preferred learning style.

Every student that we see at Rightway Driving School is different. Some have been behind the wheel before; others have not. Some are teenagers while others are adults. Some are aware that they have driving shortcomings; others still don't know much about their driving style. Regardless of your age, skill, knowledge or confidence level, our instructors at Rightway Driving School will work with you to help you become a safe and excellent driver. Above all, that level of care and attention to detail is what you will get from one of our driving instructors in South Banks.

We deliver training at TAFE Queensland Brisbane South Bank, Queensland College of Art Griffith University and Griffith University South Bank Campus.

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