Parents, Need a Driving Instructor in Morayfield? Check Out Rightway Driving School

The first time watch your child climb behind the wheel of a vehicle is both exciting and scary! It's a big step toward independence, but you likely know from experience just how dangerous driving is at times. It's natural to want to equip your child with the skills they need to manage life on the road. The experienced driving instructors in Morayfield at Rightway Driving School are here to help your child learn not just the rules of the road, but the best way to apply them in everyday situations, too. As one of the largest RACQ approved driving schools in the area, you can put your trust in our reputation.

The best way to instil road safety habits in young drivers is with a combination of theory and practice. In either case, the driving instructors at Rightway Driving School teach defensive driving techniques which students can apply in many situations across many different types of automobile. From group discussions to video presentations, and finally hands-on driving instruction, your child will receive thorough preparation before ever setting out on the road.

A key factor for parents to consider is the care we exercise in choosing the instructors who teach students through Rightway Driving School. Hand selected and thoroughly vetted, every instructor receives personal approval from the operators and undertakes regular improvement exercises. This way, we're positive we're offering your child the best chance to learn how to be safe on the road.

Driving is complex, and it requires taking into account many different factors at all times. From judging braking distances accurately to understanding how vehicles handle in various types of weather, learning these things is just as important as knowing how to signal and what road signs mean. Rightway Driving School's instructors in Morayfield are ready to help equip your teenager with the defensive driving skills and knowledge they need. Next time you see them behind the wheel, it won't inspire a sense of dread, but instead a feeling of confidence!

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