Learn from Qualified and Passionate Driving Instructors in Alderley

When you decide that it's time to learn how drive and earn your licence, don't settle for a driving instructor in Alderley that doesn't seem to care about their work. Too often, driving instructors in this modern age are rude or disengaged, showing obvious signs that they are not passionate about their work. Having this type of instructor not only leads to a less informative and educational learning session, but to a more dangerous one as well.

At Coastwide Driving School, we have been operating for 52 years. In that time, we've learned that the best driving instructors are the ones who are not just qualified, but also passionate and committed to giving quality instruction. These are the types of driving instructors you want on your side in Alderley.

Indeed, when we select instructors to join our team at Coastwide Driving School, we look at a lot of different criteria. Sure, we make sure our instructors have gone through the necessary quality standard tests and professional development sessions. However, we also find people who love helping young people learn and who are fiercely committed to reducing the loss of life on roads and highways throughout Australia.

Learning to drive is about more than memorising what street signs mean or learning to feel comfortable behind the wheel. It's also about building defensive driving techniques and other strategies that will keep you safe out on the road. These lessons—lessons that we emphasise at Coastwide —will help mould you into a safe driver for life.

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